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The appliance creates a quality, the detail leaves an impression.

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Gastronomy Containers and Other Equipment

The gastronomy containers of different sizes and types. All combinations are suitable for gastronomy enterprises. Baking trays, accessories and components for your appliances and the arrangement of a professional kitchen space.

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A kitchen without knife is a larder. High-quality knives for meat, vegetables, special boning knives and other types of cutting components represent an integral element of every kitchen.

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Glass and Porcelain

Glasses, plates, bowls, cups and all the accessories necessary for catering service and dining. The essential equipment as well as design accessories for your gastronomy business.

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Bar and Coffee

Coffee Machines

Various coffee types require different ways of preparation. We will explain to you, what is the difference between a coffee & espresso machine and a drip coffee maker. No doubt that there is a difference if you own a coffee house, and therefore it is the most important element for your business as opposed to the case, when you offer coffee just as a secondary product.

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Bar area designing. Bars, bar arrangement and the whole system in section hidden from the customer’s eyesight. We will advise you on how to arrange the space behind the bar wisely, maintaining its highly practical purpose.

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Water Treatment

Every coffee lover understands it is not only a coffee, neither a coffee machine that determine the final quality of coffee itself. The quality of water is one of the most important aspects in making a delicious coffee. Feel free to ask for an advice regarding the water filters.

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Accessories for Catering Services

Cooking Pot

Cooking, stir-frying, pre-preparation of food. For all these activities you need a cooking pot. We offer a variety of high-quality types and materials with a long service life.

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Thermo Insulated Boxes and Food Containers

Serving food is the most important activity after the meal is ready. Therefore it is essential, that the customer gets this food in the very same quality as it had when it came out from the kitchen. This challenge can be easily managed by using our thermo insulated boxes and food containers.

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Textiles and Clothing

To leave an impression. This is the aspect, that distinguishes us from our competition. Our company provides also high-quality textiles and clothing, which are easy-care, durable and designed for the gastronomy sector.

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