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Every professional in kitchen requires first and foremost quality, safety and hygiene.

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All components necessary for food preparation — Cleaning, cutting, grating, meat processing and more. Furthermore, we offer also universal appliances designed especially for large-scale commercial kitchens. Along with the machine, we supply you with the additional equipment as well.

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Horizontal Cooking

Our offer is composed of all series of appliances that are available in different price levels. Thanks to the robust modular boiling plates made of stainless steel, you are able to create an exact match for your space.

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We bring professional solutions in gastronomy right in front of you.

Cooking is passion. Having passion for cooking is called gastronomy.

Vertical Cooking

Deck ovens, bakery ovens, pizza ovens and other professional catering appliances that are essential for making your cooking easy and comfortable.

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Serving Hatch and Furniture

Warming and cooling tables, food display cases and all additional components e.g. trays, cutlery and gastronomy containers. Food transport containers, tabletop and catering service arrangement.

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The great taste of food ensures that the client has a good feed. However, it is the visual presentation that leaves an impression and further experience.


Dishwashers, complex commercial dishwashers and accessories. Specialised glasswasher sets, dishwashers for black crockery, dishwashers for continuous washing, undercounter dishwashers, conveyor-type dishwashers etc. Professional washing lines designed in a way so that they will match your space. It goes without saying that we can provide you with accessories and cleaning supplies too. Cleaning plans, checklists or personnel trainings.

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Cooling units ensure that your food will keep its freshness for a longer period with reduced energy consumption. The LED Technology does not generate heat, UVA radiation or infra-red radiation and it helps to preserve the food’s freshness.

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Used Appliances

Our offer includes also used second-hand appliances and equipment, which is after full repair, is fully functional and available again with a valid warranty, of course.

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