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Laundry is no longer a time-consuming activity.

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Industrial Washing

The main attribute of laundry is efficiency. This is the reason why our washing machines boast the latest improvements in the field of WET CLEANING and programmes supporting lower consumption of water and energy along with the saving of cleaning chemicals. The intuitive control system is suitable for all working environments, either for a launderette or a large-scale commercial laundry.

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Sanitary barrier

Barrier washers, aseptic washers or washers with two opposing doors — all these names denote just one type of machine, which thanks to its structure fits the most challenging and difficult conditions. These machines are designed to deal with washing of contaminated linen. Regardless of the fact, whether the linen comes from a hospital, retirement home or a nuclear plant, the washing principle remains the same – to separate the loading from the unloading part.

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Industrial Drying

A revolution has taken place in the world of linen and fabrics drying. The transformation in dryer design enabled an increase in the drying efficiency, thus on market, our machines are especially distinguished by their fast cleaning features. The heating source can be either electricity, gas or steam.

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Professional Machines

Semi-industrial washers and dryers are an ideal choice for smaller enterprises, such as apartment houses, small hotels, schools etc. In comparison to household appliances, these professional devices offer a higher performance, time savings and naturally, a long service life.

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Self-Service Appliances

The self-service appliances pose a necessary part of progress in services. The customers are increasingly involved in the process of work. In this case, this represents an automation in providing services. At the beginning, the customer orders a service, e.g. washing or drying, and after placing the order, and for example after payment for the ordered service is made, the machine will respond independently and proceed with the requested order. This self-service type of appliances is useful not only for laundry services, but also for hostels, camps etc.

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Ironing, Folding and Accessories

Ironing and Folding Machines

Our offer consists of two basic groups of machines. The first group focuses solely on the flat linen. The second group concentrates on finishing of the shaped linen. The perfectly flat linen can be achieved by standard mangle ironers. The drying mangle ironers will finish the drying and subsequently iron the linen. For the shaped linen, we offer affordable ironing tables or pneumatic ironing press.

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The performance is limited only by power. Our structures are wisely constructed — combining the latest technologies with the high-quality components. Fagor ironing machines are designed in order to provide a wide flexibility in every space. With these machines, you can maximise the production and efficiency in terms of better power output and truly significant time savings. For these reasons, working with this appliance is always efficient and of high quality.

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Trolleys and Neutral Tables

For each appliance we offer also complete accessories. Trolleys, hanger racks for laundry transport, laundry carts for transporting wet and dry linen etc. Besides our offer covers also trolleys for clean or used linen, trolleys for wet linen and handling trolleys.

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